Gaming on Linux doesn't have to mean buying a ludicrously priced GPU (thanks crypto miners!). There was also an advanced version for the Gameboy which featured the original Donkey Kong levels and about 100 more levels afterwards (I played through all of them). With Halloween upon us, we set out into the world of vampires, ghosts, and gruesome demons on our quest to play some frightful horror games.

Überhaupt ist das ganze Spiel eine große Hommage an die Geschichte der Mario-Games. In our third episode, we explore the ninja games of yesteryear, discuss what gaming franchises had the best comebacks, and realize that we've turned our innards green. On the other hand, the Switch is a portable console, meaning it's also uniquely suited to digital games.

The promotional copies, like the Dreamcast games, were all from my time in Gamestation. In general, I've mostly just bought games that I want to play, but recently there's been a few sneaking in that I got just because they were rare or cheap. I totally understand why people collect, but time and space play a huge role in my choice.

I can still hum youtube rant the theme music to Treasure Island Dizzy on the Commodore 64. I was playing that game nearly thirty years ago and I haven't played it since then (and I've still never beaten it, damn it) but I can still remember the theme music that plays in the background in its entirety.

There are sellers on eBay who specialise in selling nothing but retro games and machines; entire websites and YouTube channels are devoted to the subject. The PlayStation is comfortably one of the most influential consoles of all time, with its 3D graphics, edgy marketing and targeting of older audiences playing a large part in making video games mainstream.

This channel is devoted to collecting and playing video games, with a particular love for Sega. RetroPie allows hobbyists to harness the inexpensive Raspberry Pi chip as the core of a highly customizable and marvelously versatile DIY kit project with support for dozens of different consoles and computers, up to and including the PSP and Wii.

Load up those old games and re-discover the era when playability and innovation was first. You'll find a wide selection of retro games for legendary video game systems You can relive the golden age of the home arcade with classic titles for Atari, including QBert, Pac-Man, Frogger, and more.

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